Let the little children come to me...   
Children are a gift and not a distraction. The sound of children in church is the sound of God keeping his promises to us, it is the sound of church that is living and not dying. We welcome children in our midst and we're glad that they are with us. They may even be the ones that lead us in worshipping the Lord (Psalm 8:2). If parents do need to exit the sanctuary with their kids (hopefully only temporarily!), we do have a small playroom for small children to play. For school-aged children, we have supervised instruction for them during the sermon portion of our worship. During the school year, we also have structured lessons during Cross Training, our Christian education hour prior to the worship service.

Plan to Protect

The safety of our children is a top priority. Everyone who works with children or youth has submitted a Vulnerable Sector Check. Also, we follow Plan to Protect, a nationally recognized child safety and protection program.

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