Advent: The Once and Future Coming

What is Eldership?

The sermon on the mount

The Sermon on the Mount

Hope beyond Death, Hope in the World, Hope for our Sins - Easter Sunday 2019 (Steve Swan)

What Kind of King? 1st Kings 1:32-46 - Palm Sunday 2019 (Steve Swan)

Earnest Desire - reflecting on spiritual gifts - 7th April 2019 (Steve Swan)

On Prayer - (Jamie Donison)

Esther - finding Faith Among the Faithless


The Book of James - Wisdom in Christ 

Parables Of The Kingdom Series

Burning the Tower Down – Genesis 11:1-11 & Acts 2:1-12 - PENTECOST SUNDAY (Steve Swan)

Seated Far Above - Ephesians 1:15-23 - ASCENSION SUNDAY (Steve Swan)


Exodus Continued

Advent 2017